lntelliSyn project leaders have 15-25 years’ experience in major pharma and a track record of delivering 12 drugs into clinical development across various therapeutic areas. We can provide any combination of capabilities to your projects including: med chem, comp chem, in vitro screening, PK analysis, rodent disease models, and non-GLP tox. Full support for compound registration, inventory control, and database management is provided.

Our teams can be deployed to supplement your internal management and resources, or we can provide full turn-key resources to drive your project according to your milestone or candidate profile objectives. Our approach:

Avoid predictable, late-stage attrition due to:

  • Use of fast, but less relevant, SAR-driving screens
  • lnsufficient attention to DMPK and tox risks at early stages
  • Over-reliance on easy chemistry

Our key drivers for success:

  • Strong, early focus on phys props, DMPK, and druggability
  • Commitment to building knowledge rather than building large libraries of simple compounds
  • Awareness that successful projects result from quality leads and unrelenting focus on multi-parameter optimization